Kate Aschoff on Alexa Wilson: Call it Art

Kate Aschoff on Alexa Wilson: Call it Art

Alexa Wilson
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The cross-pollination series continues in 2018, with a number of creative and written responses to festival performances. Kate Aschoff is a Pōneke based artist and social advocate. You can find more of them online @kate_aschoff. In this piece, they respond to Alexa Wilson’s ‘999: Alchemist Trauma Centre / Power Centre’ performed Friday 16th at Play_station Gallery.

Call it Art

“Write down a foundational core belief about your life that doesn’t serve you.”

– Alexa Wilson

If you used a can opener on my Heart (sharp) I think you would find the corner piece of some green tea cheesecake, all the way from Auckland. There’d be a poem about love sewn into its sides and one about pain painted underneath

Stop trying to create MEANINGFUL ART and just create
It can mean nothing and nothing and nothing and be something
What do you need to be told to feel good about yourself and your life? TELL ME. Record it and send it to me in a mp3 file. Sing it like a song or shout it like a prayer. Get it tattooed on ur back. Tell someone you don’t know. Tell someone you do.

You can’t taste the sweetness unless you are sitting still
Are you
Sitting still
I am moving like fire
Burning it all to the ground

we just wanna take the pain away just

I dont know what i want
(to take the pain away)

I MISS YOU like when you stop eating cheese for a while cause ur trying to be a vegan like everyone else and you miss it, and she’s in my dreams
she has been for months
Play on the playground with me? It was wet but we went down the slide anyway That’s why i like you

Can you be in LIMBO without dying?
Can u die without living? (that sounds fake Deep and i hate it, i always worry about being fake deep and if what i have to say is actually deep and profound or if it sounds like a line from a soundcloud rapper or a tumblr post)

Grief is a bit shit aye, i listened to a podcast on it and this guy tells a story about an elephant grieving her elephant friend who died giving birth to a stillborn baby, she died soon after that, standing still in the corner of the enclosure, she’d stopped eating
I didn’t shower for a week after she left and my bellybutton went gross
(clean ur belly button fyi)
I remember trying to eat the week she died and hugs from people i hadn’t been talking to and dry plain toast (my go-to anxious food)

Trust me i love you. Trust me i Love you. TRUST me i love you. ok. ??? SEEN

What kind of artistic integrity is that?
KATE i know ur not doing okay
has anything ever happened to you? My cat died

Feeling sad feeling sad feeling sad sad sad HOW ARE YOU? :):):)

Ur a waste of space baby, a baby in outerspace

Everything in my dreams was covered in velvet, inc my heart and all the butterflies

I don’t know if you really can “love ur self”
Either we’re all awful or it’s just me
I’m listening for something

Cool ok we get it ur a poet
A gay poet

“Sorry that I had so many emotions”
Please, stop
Please keep feeling
Please don’t ever stop crying (just go do it in private)

The past doesn’t have to be real if you don’t want it to be
Just isolate everyone and move to texas
Shoot guns like in a western movie

Thank for you listening

Kate Aschoff on Alexa Wilson: Call it Art

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